To have iTaxofon use VoIPBuster account you should, at first, to set up such account. You need to do that on your own, and you'll need to buy some credits so you can call someone. Here how you can create an account with VoIPBuster.

Go to VoIPBuster account registration page on VoIPBuster website. You won't be confused with the form itself, all you need is to choose and password, and also choose what is the country you're now living in (there is no use for this fields except for payment methods that can be different for some countries). 

Now you need to enter your billing details (say, card number), and phone number you'll use to receive callback calls. The number will be the one that's on your iPhone's SIM. 

Now you should wait for the VoIPBuster confirmation email, confirm the address by following the instruction in the message, and you're set!

The only things that you need to do is to enter your VoIPBuster ID and password on iTaxofon setup, and buy some credits on your VoIPBuster account.

This is it, go ahead and place a call!

Working with VoIPBuster

  1. I wasn't able to buy credits for VoIPBuster, what's wrong?

Question: I wasn't able to buy credits for VoIPBuster, what's wrong?


For some credit cards it is prohibited to buy items online. If your card of that kind, contact your bank, please, and ask them for your options