Here are the main features you'll see in the iTaxofon application:

  • First of all, it saves your time and nerves. It can arrange callback call for you, either by allowing you to choose second part number for iPhone address book, or by dialing number on standard numerical keypad. Anyway, you won't need to visit your operator web site or tone-dial the number you need to establish call you need. Really, that's peace of mind!
  • iTaxofon will remember who and when did you call so you can recall that later at your convenience. Callback call are hard to recognize later by observe standard call log of your phone as all calls are listed as incoming one and all of them are originated from operation pools, so later you won't ever remember who that specific call was directed to. iTaxofon solves that very elegant way, indeed!
  • iTaxofon can save you money by informing you how much will the call cost you and how much money you have left on your operator's account. This way you won't be unexpectedly disconnected for money run out on your account. Save money, time and nerves, again!