iTaxofon application is aimed to easily make callback calls, which is known to be a bit tricky to do other ways. It is common practice to place such a call to visit your operator site and arrange the call by submitting second part number. You also should keep in mind your account balance and know the price you'll pay for each minute of such a callback call. Tricky, really.

The is where iTaxofon would help you. The application allows you to deal with callbacks in the same way you used to use on you iPhone: you just choose the number or person from you iPhone address book, press «Call» button, and wait a bit, while program contact the callback operator site or API (depends on operator), arrange the call for you. It also check you balance and the price you'll pay for each minute of the call, and provide you with that information. Now give a second or two for the operator to call you back. There is also a journal (log) of your callback calls, so you can easily recall when and who you called.

The program itself was born in Russia, where there are long distance prices are high enough and people are likes to find a way to lower their long distance bills. Eventually we discovered that all around the world people faces the same problem, they don't want to pay too much for the phone calls, especially from mobile phones. This is why we put the program on international AppStore and find our that many users all around are find it useful and prove-to-save-on-phone-bills app. It's now time for you to discover this way of saving!

By the way if you feel there is something we missed form the iTaxofon application functionality just drop us a line or two via feedback form on this site!