You can save up to 90% when place long distance calls from your iPhone!

Quick dial numbers from your phone book

Callback services are required you to somehow submit to then the number you're dial. Hard to dial long number and never miss a thing, unless you're using iTaxofon. This application is aloow you choose person you're calling right from the phone book of your iPhone. Peace of mind on dial!

Call history that lists people names and not callback provider's number

iTaxofon can show you when and who did you call, due to simple fact it was iTaxofon that initiate such a call.

Choose the callback service that best suits your needs and expectations!

There are a lot of callback services out there in the world. Now you can choose many of it by simple change the iTaxofon preferences. Now you can call the same way via different services and compare these quality and prices - all with the same easy of use provided by iTaxofon.

VoIP is a good thing, but callback calls are way too better when it comes to iPhone.

VoIP is something that uses a lot of processor (CPU) and wireless power, thus it won't work long without battery recharging. Callback calls are designed to use standard infrastructure that is used for voice calls. Each mobile phone (include iPhone) will better deal with voice that with data calls, so iTaxofon will use your iPhone the most effective way!